Blooming Buds Buddy Club - Playgroup
  What is a Buddy Club ?
Buddy Club is a joyful place where children learn through play. Here they are taught the importance of pre - school skills of social interaction, a longing to discover and learn a sense of identity and self - independence, physical awareness and control and enjoyment of language, music and sharing with others.
  Buddy Club is a willingness program that serves as an evolution between home and school. The children are given the comfort and security of a parent or other caregiver.
Infants and toddlers need to develop relationships with their caregivers which are supportive, nurturing, trusting and all these are taken care of. Buddy Club is the first step of a child towards having a free experience away from home.
Buddy Club provides a place for well thought - out play for children. Studying children, which are the heart of assessment, help teachers discern why children do what they do, what makes them smile and laugh, and what tasks are difficult for them. One should gain respect for the child’s strengths and challenges, feel connected to them, and come to appreciate each child's individuality. These social relationships provide the foundation for learning.
The aim of Buddy Club is to provide the child with this comfortable relation so that the child starts looking forward to come for the high - energy program. High quality early childhood programs are designed to function where he will experience the excitement of learning and making new friends. At the Buddy Club we take all care to provide a warm, interesting environment, activities that inspire the children and keep them engaged in an interesting way with the help of experienced teachers.
This is the time when a child’s window for language learning is at a prime and wide open, Buddy Club provides a unique early learning environment, good communication and a program carried out in fun-loving way without interfering with the child’s own independence and interest.
  Children aged 1.5 years to 3 years.
  Five times a week for 2 hours for 10 months.
  Promoting imagination.  
  A love of learning.
  Providing the confidence to be independent.
  Developing a sense of achievement.
  Creating interest in language and music.
  Building self - reliance for social interaction.
  Staff for the Program
  1 Teacher and 1 Assistant per 15 children.
  Record of Child's Work  
  There will be a file maintained for every child in which all details about the child would be noted. Infants and toddlers grow and change at a rapid pace. With careful observation the assessment reveals the child’s progress.
Our programs keep track of children's developmental progress. The teacher will make a record of what the child likes / dislikes, which activity interests the child the most, how has the child progressed etc. Day to day activities will be retained and handed to the parents when they come for the Parent-Teacher meet. Written progress of the child will be handed to the parents at the end of the respective term.