About Blooming Buds

Blooming Buds Day care, pre-school and Activity Club is for Parents and their precious Children!

" A Home Away from Home "

where one can entrust about their child's care. We believe that every child is born with unlimited potential which needs encouragement to make them an outstanding individual. We provide them space to develop their journey of learning at their own pace. Every child is given a healthy, happy and respectful environment so that they can learn things by play. Our place provides a place for fun with safety and security . All our staff is provided with respectful and friendly work place and they contribute in developing their skills; as an individual and as a team. We assure that parents can leave their child with peace of mind in our safe and happy environment.

  • The founder is Ms. Suchita Gupta.
  • Educational qualification B.C.S. from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune.
  • Certificate Course in AutoCAD I.I.T., Pune.
  • Certificate Course in Animation and 3D Studio A.S.T.R.A., Pune.
  • Montessori Teacher Training Suvidha Mahila Mandal Institute.

Aim of creating 'A Home Away From Home' for our little ones.

Learning includes

- For Infants (4 months to 12 months) gross motor skill, cognitive skill development.

- For Toddlers (1 year to 2 years) Fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, communication skills, nurturing, interaction, etiquettes and language skills.

- Pre-school Learning (2 years to 4 years) Preparing for school,story time and book review, doing skill sheets, academic development.

- After school (3 years to 10 years) Help children with what they learn at school, assistance in homework, creative writing.

Philosophy / Approach

This organization was started in June 2006 with an aim of providing dedicated services to working parents with assurance of safety for their precious child. Working parents running a nuclear family need a clean, hygienic, healthy atmosphere, basic cultural values and good learning for their little one. Through our working and dedicated services we help parents to work in a guilt free atmosphere.

Quality Assurance

Blooming Buds has not compromised on quality and the facilities available at the centre. Qualified teachers work on age appropriate curriculum. Every child has a special identity and is given required attention.


Every infant's brain is like a sponge and has a huge potential of accepting environmental surroundings. We believe that a child can learn much better and faster if it's not forced on. We leave it individual acceptance and potential in our learning programs as the focus attention span at early age is very less.

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