Blooming Buds Blossom Club - Nursery
  What is a Blossom Club ?
Blossom Club is the place where children come out of the shell and enter to interact in a new world. Blossom club is a program where we help the children adjust to the surroundings as they grow and explore and discover more about the outer world. They learn to express themselves as individuals physically and psychologically as they are given their independence. Their ideas are well developed through verbal as well as non verbal communication, music, movement and various other activities.
  Even when exposed to a new atmosphere they easily form their small world with similar interests. Their needs are well taken care off so that they adjust to the new relationships.
Teaching a child seems to be an easy task but studying a child in all criterias is really difficult and essential task. Blossom club is a step ahead to learn and teach a child to develop all areas of his learning in a friendly and happy atmosphere. Every child is gifted with some knowledge inside; Blossom club provides the children to develop the capacity to strengthen and build up their knowledge. Here every child gets a free atmosphere to shape his / her ideas and express oneself freely. They learn to transfer their knowledge and ideas to verbal language' actions and develop their sensory motor skills.
  Blossom club is a first step to grow as a separate individual in the society. Every child gets an equal chance to extend their own interests as well as learn new things and discover common interests and learning.
  Children aged 2.5 years to 4 years.
  Five times a week for two hours for 10 months.
  Objectives - During this process of child's development, Blossom Club concentrates on :
  Developing an interest in learning.  
  Develop imagination power.
  Developing the sensory - motor skills.(e.g. eye - hand co-ordination)
  Building self reliance and self confidence.
  Knowing self interests and creating a self image.
  Developing a need for achievement.
  Learn to share, concentrate and correlate.
  Staff for the Program
  1 Teacher and 1 Assitant per 15 children.
  Record of Child's Work  
  There will be a file maintained for every child in which all details about the child would be noted. With careful observation the assessment reveals the child’s progress. Our programs keep track of child's developmental progress.
The teacher will make a record of what the child likes / dislikes, which activity interests the child the most, how has the child progressed etc. Day to day activities will be retained and handed to the parents when they come for the Parent-Teacher meet. Written progress of the child will be handed to the parents at the end of the respective term.