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How did you hear about Blooming Buds? Whom may we thank for reffering you?
Request to pay registration and monthly fees at the time of enrollment. This fee includes the closure of the day care for all statutory holidays. The annual operating schedule of the day care, including any closure periods, will vary from year to year.
To reserve a spot for your child in advance for admission, you must submit a non - refundable deposit of Rs.1500/- This amount is adjusted against your registration amount.
A refundable deposit of Rs.2000/- has to be paid.
Minimum three PDC’s dated 1st of every month to be given.
All invoices are due upon receipt and the service charge is Rs.350/- for refunded cheques.
Payments made after the 4th will be charged a fine of Rs.50/- per day.
One month notice in writing has to be given before discontinuation.
Absence from parents in not sending their child due to any reason will not be compensated.
If intimated, a month earlier of a monthly absence, only one week concession will be offered.
If your child is going to be picked up by your relative /driver /maid, please give in a letter along with the photograph and other details.
Label all the belongings of your child clearly.
Child Care Parent / Teachers meet once in four months.
Parent valuable suggestion / complaints are accepted at the front desk.
Management has the authority to revoke the admission considering the situation.
The teachers and staff at Blooming Buds are considerate, responsible and attentive individuals and take all precaution for the safety of all children at all times. In consideration of my /our child /children being permitted to participate in activities and outings organized by Blooming Buds for days involving activities, outings and related activities. I, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, do hereby release and forever discharge, save harmless, protect and keep indemnified Blooming Buds from any and all kinds of action, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to my person or property or that of my /our child / children however caused out of my part or the Children’s in any way to related to the activities and outings prior to, during or subsequent to the activities and outings, whether as participant or otherwise. I acknowledge having read and agree to the above release and indemnification, on behalf of the undersigned as Parent(s) and my / our Child participating in the activities and outings.


(However, Blooming Buds shall not be responsible for any injury sustained by child when the child is in the premises of Blooming Buds.)