Activity Club
    1. Tell us about your Course?  

IPS - The Art of Parenting is an experimental workshop that guides parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 years.

It deals with the overall development of the child covering the Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual areas. It also deals with imparting total education to the child covering all the 5 elements of nature, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

    2. When is the right time for the parents to starts it ?  

Right time to know about the parenting or child development has no particular age or neccesary of marriage. It's Like asking, when is the right time to learn about computers?


Since everyone in and arround the child can make the difference in child development. While being with small one's or brothers, sisters, or with any child in around. Because every child is the wealth and assets of nation if it's upbringing is in loving, caring healthy social emotional and spiritual atmosphere. Or if not it can be liabilities to nation.

    So any one who have children (Preferably below 8yrs).  
    Those who are expecting the child.  
    Those who are planning for the marriage.  
    Teachers, Doctors And any one interested in child Development.  
    Special Children Parents  
    3. What are the benifits of the course?  

There are N numbers of benifits from this course. But the most imp benefit of this course is the strong emotional bond between the parent and child.

    Parents are more confident and relaxed about their pregnancy.  
    Children become more confident and self dependent.  
    Physically Strong and high in immunity.  
    Children can read 8/10 languages.  
    Child can crawl from first day.  
    child can swim from 3rd month.  
    3 Year Child can play Tabala. And many more.  
    You can support to maximize the child's learning ability.  
    4. How long does the course last ?  
      The course is once a weak 9 sessions plus 5 sessions in group.  
    5. Who all are eligible for the course?  
      Any one and every interested in Child Development.  
    6. Where all are these courses conducted?  
The courses are conducted at 200 centers all over india Dubai, USA, Etc.

I can only say with the experience of 150 batches from last 15 yrs those who implement they get the benefits 100%